It’s National Tile Day!

Tile is a wonderful material that is both practical and decorative. In the ReStores we currently have an abundance of tile in various colors and sizes. Below are some fun little crafts and bigger home improvement projects you can complete using tile from the ReStore! Not only can you find affordable tile pieces at the ReStore, you can also find grout and other supplies to help you complete your projects. Happy National Tile Day!

 Watercolor-Style Tile Coasters – Create some beautiful tile coasters in just a few steps! This project is easy to learn and a fun activity for kids! All you need are some tiles, oil-based pens, isopropyl alcohol, and a spray sealer. Check it out here!sharpie-tiles

ModgePodge Tile Projects – ModgePodge is an aweseome and easy way to transfer images onto tiles. The blog CraftyNest has a nice tutorial to make home address numbers using tiles and ModgePodge, even including templates they used. It’s a Lovely Life also has a tile and ModgePodge project where you can transfer home photos onto tiles. I have included photos of other people’s projects that can be completed the same way.

Tiled Kitchen Island – Add some artistic flair to your kitchen by creating a mosaic countertop on your kitchen island. This project is a little more hands-on than the previous ones. Thankfully, the instructions from HoosierHomemade are easy to follow. This blogger uses the same tile colors throughout, but feel free to mix things up with varying colors or patterned pieces.


Tiled Stair Risers – Make your stairs pop by adding tile to the risers! You can find a lot of different photos of inspiration online, but this tutorial by HomeGuides walks you through how to go about the project yourself.

Itching to start tiling yet? Make sure to pick up some tile and grout from the store that builds homes, community, and hope: the ReStore!


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