5 Ways to Repurpose File Cabinets

When people see a file cabinet they tend to be reminded of the office and possibly of their deadlines that they have coming up. However, a file cabinet has much more potential other than filing away important documents. Here are 5 fun projects to repurpose file cabinets from work to play!

Planter – Sometimes you have to look at objects with a new perspective. Check out these fun and easy planters made from filing cabinets. Learn how to make one here.

Kitchen Cart – If you are up for a more challenging project, transform a filing cabinet into a portable kitchen cart. Make this rolling cart by following the instructions here.


Desk-Another more involved project is to use filing cabinets to make a desk. The bloggers at The Tortoise and the Hare used filing cabinets and a door to create this unique desk, both of which you can find at the ReStore!


Kid’s Kitchen – If you have a future little cook in your family, make them this fun play stove from a filing cabinet! Learn step by step how to make this creative toy from Kristin Rogers Photography.


Paint it!– Finally, a simple but effective way to make a filing cabinet a fun, unique piece to your home is to add a pop of color to it. Below are some fun examples of how paint can go a long way to make a filing cabinet a great addition to your home as a storage space with style.

Check out one of the ReStores today to see if they have any filing cabinets you can transform! While you are there, make sure to see what else we carry, you might find something that inspires you!



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