Transform Cabinet Doors into Much, Much More!

One doesn’t typically think much when they see a cabinet door, but with a little imagination, they can be transformed! At the ReStore we often have a copious amount of cabinet doors available varying in color, shape, and size. These doors can be used for some awesome DIY projects, all you need is a little inspiration!

Check out some of the neat things you can make out of cabinet doors below!

Chalkboards: This is a ReStore classic that we have made ourselves in the past. You can get a lot of the supplies to make these fun chalkboards right here at the ReStore. They are easy to make and look great! Click here for instructions on how to make the chalkboard, and click here for instructions on how to make your own chalkboard paint from grout (which you can find at the ReStore).


Towel Rack/Coat Rack: Add a little rustic touch to your home by making a hanging rack out of a cabinet door. All you need to do this is a door,  hardware, maybe some paint, and of course, some tools to put it all together. Check out some of these cool examples and learn how to make one!

Unique Clipboard/Photo Frames: Cabinet doors have unlimited potential to be transformed into something new. This blogger transformed some cabinet doors into clipboards to display her photos. Others have also to mounted their photos directly on the doors, using the doors as unique frames.

Serving Tray: While you are at the ReStore, make sure to browse for hardware and handles so you can make a cute serving tray like the ones below. Simply drill two handles into the cabinet door, and voilà! Learn how to make a vintage style tray here!

As you can see, cabinet doors have many possible uses! If you are in the crafting mood and want a way to add some character to your home or even make a unique and personal gift, make sure to stop by the ReStore! We have plenty of cabinet doors and also offer tools and other supplies that may help you with your project.