What can you make from the ReStore?

The ReStore has many home improvement products to choose from and can be a great source for DIY projects. You can find anything from hardware to tile to wood and more! It is easy to create something amazing from the ReStore, all you need is a little imagination and some creativity.

Here are 3 products we often have in stock at the ReStores and some projects you can do with them!

  1. Wood — The ReStore receives a lot of wood pieces and pallets. Transform these wood pieces into something beautiful!

Sunburst Mirror: This mirror design was created by a local San Diego blogger!


Succulent Planter Box: The same blogger also made this cool hexagon decorated box.


Wooden Tree: Get into the holiday spirit with this cute Christmas tree!


2. Light Bulbs — At the ReStore we often have light bulbs in stock. Think outside the box and transform them into works of art!

Light Bulb Penguins: Create cute little penguins for the winter season!


Light Bulb Chandelier: A modern and stylish chandelier for an affordable price!light-bulb-chandelier

Light Bulb Hot Air Balloons: Entertain the kids with these adorable hot air balloons!light-bulb-hot-air-balloon

Look at more Light Bulb ideas here!

3. Tiles — The ReStore has tiles in various shapes, colors and sizes. Use them to liven up your home décor with these charming DIY projects.

Modge Podge Tile Coasters: Add your favorite photo or design on tiles to create unique coasters.


Mosaic Table Top: Update an old table by adding a mosaic tile top to it.


Tile Mirror Frame: Make a mirror stand out with a tile frame.

DIY Tiled Mirror640.jpg

Come on in an see what inspires you! Make sure to check out the tools the ReStores offer as they might help you in completing your projects. Have fun and get creative!


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