National Volunteer Week

volunteer week

It’s National Volunteer Week, and we’re filled to the brim with appreciation as we think about all the wonderful volunteers who volunteer their time here at the ReStores. National Volunteer Week, which falls April 12-April 18, is dedicated to recognizing the exceptional individuals who choose to intentionally engage in their communities to be a part of a movement bigger than themselves. We have some awesome volunteers who embody this desire, and regularly give their time to further the Habitat mission. To celebrate our wonderful volunteers, we would like to honor all their hard work and dedication by spotlighting some of these individuals.

jordan and jarrett

Jarrett and Jordan have been regular volunteers for over two years now. They come in early every Tuesday morning to help us prepare for the busy week by assisting us in moving merchandise from the receiving end out onto the floor. They both have amazing work ethics, and always carry around a smile and can do attitude! When they were asked what their favorite part about volunteering at the ReStore is, they said ““We love coming in every week to help move and organize things. They play music in the work room, and the staff make it fun to volunteer. We love working with all the new friends we’ve made over the years!”

Ken Number

Ken donate tall

Ken is a regular volunteer at the Escondido ReStore. He comes in every week and we truly appreciate all his hard work and time! He has been with us since the Escondido ReStore opened. Ken enjoys volunteering at Habitat for Humanity because he believes in the Habitat for Humanity Mission.

“Providing affordable homes for families is the best thing that we can do for our society, for our neighborhood, and for our country.”

Ken also says he enjoys all the activity that happens at the ReStore, “all the donations that come in every day is great to see and I love working with my hands!”


area rug

Sherri is a regular ReStore office volunteer. She helps us with data entry and she also helps us on the sales floor. We truly appreciate all her help!

“The reason I volunteer here is because of what ‘Habitat’ stands for. I love selling to customers – I did this for all my life. It is fun to walk around with customers to help them find all the items they need to furnish their house to make it their home.”


george 2

George volunteers every Thursday and Friday at the Escondido ReStore. He is a tremendous help and we appreciate all that he has done here! He has built us racks for the store, he tests appliances, and he helps sort all the donations. “I enjoy working with the Habitat ReStore staff and talking to all the customers. My day is filled with a worthy cause at the Habitat ReStore!”

Thank you again to all of our wonderful volunteers, we really wouldn’t be able to operate without your help! You guys are the dream! For more information about volunteering, please visit our website here:


4/10 Favorite 4: Top Items of the Week!

collage 3We’re starting a new series on the blog called “Favorite 4”. Check in every Friday to find out what our favorite items of the week are!  

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was the first full week of April, and we’re off and running to a great start. Spring is in the air, which means a lot of people are doing spring cleaning to clear out the old, to make way for the new. We love it when people donate their spring cleaning items to us- not only does it prevent these items from being tossed into the landfill, but it also means these items get a second chance in a new home! Here is a post to highlight some of the gems that came through our doors this week.

1) West Elm Furniture

We still have some lovely West Elm furniture available. What better way to usher in spring than to introduce a lovely powder blue couch into your home? This beautiful blue hue reminds us of colors that can be found in nature during spring, like clear skies and calm seas. If you need some ideas on how to achieve a clean and minimal look this spring, check out our older post here.

2) Mid Century Dining Set

This is probably by far one of our all time favorite pieces. We can tell our customers loved it too because it sold in less than a few hours after hitting the floor! Mid Century furniture is trending right now because of the minimal elegance it brings to any home. It’s modern, chic, minimal, elegant, yet functional. This particular set was in meticulous condition, with a beautiful walnut trim around the chairs and base of the table. Our favorite part was that the walnut frame of the table could be seen through the glass top, what a beautiful touch!

3) Shabby Chic Wrought Iron Floral Patio Set

Another trending style this spring is the shabby chic look. Who doesn’t want to live in an adorable cottage styled home? White wrought iron floral patio sets are especially sought after because of how amazing they look in gardens. We’ve seen two chair/one table sets go for as much as $300. This particular set included one large glass patio table and 9 chairs, perfect for having people over for iced tea and outdoor dinner parties.

4) Mid Century Credenza 

This is another beautiful mid century piece that we received as a donation. We love mid century credenzas as bedroom dressers, living room storage, and even for studio work space displays! These highly sought after mid century credenzas can be found at flea markets, antique stores, and mid century modern shops.

Which items were your favorite? Comment below to let us know!

Introducing a Touch of Elegance: Vessel Sinks

We just received a very large donation of beautiful marble/natural stone vessel sinks- they’re available at both Mission Valley and Escondido ReStores. For the bargain price of $100, you can snag one of these lovely sinks and upgrade to that dream bathroom you’ve been dreaming about!


Vessel sinks are a simple way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. Attention is drawn to the architecture of the round bowl that rests atop a freestanding cabinet, and makes for a lovely centerpiece for the room. When determining whether a vessel sink is right for you, consider these couple of points.

1) Usage of the sink

Vessel sinks are usually not very deep, and will splash water easily because of the shallow bowl. If you plan on installing one in the master bedroom or a family room, consider what it’ll be used for. A larger and deeper bowl is more practical for things like washing your hair, hand washing diapers, or rinsing out little kids toys. However, if you plan on using your sink for light activities like hand washing, then a vessel sink could very well be a great option for you.

2) Cleanliness

Vessel sinks require more maintenance than regular sinks because of the curved nature of the bowl. There is more surface to clean- both the inside and outside of the bowl, the counter space underneath the curve of the bowl, etc. Because the bowl is shallow, water is also likely to splash out of the sink. You know those water splashes you find yourself cleaning every morning after you hastily brush your teeth and wash your face? Be prepared to wipe up even more excess water splashes!

3) Creativity in Display

If you are big on interior design, a vessel sink is great because it allows you to creatively display the sink on any vanity/piece of furniture you want. This is ideal if you want to achieve a shabby chic or farmhouse look because you can utilize vintage dressers, rustic side tables, cabinets etc.

There are dozens of different looks you can achieve with a vessel sink. Here are some of our favorites!

If you’re convinced a vessel sink is perfect for your bathroom, don’t forget to stop by the Habitat ReStore to pick one up! We have a large selection at the moment with varying colors and stone choices. We promise you won’t be disappointed 🙂