DIY Serving Tray (Workshop w/USD)

Cabinet doors have such versatile uses, there are dozens of DIY craft projects you can do with them! This weekend, USD Habitat for Humanity lead a workshop teaching us how to create serving trays, coat hangers, and necklace organizers out of cabinet doors. The workshop was a huge success, and we want to share with you how they did it!

Step 1: Painting the door

The best thing about cabinet doors is that they can easily be refinished. If you want to add some color to the cabinet door you picked out, simply sand it down and add a layer of paint of your choice (interior paint works best).


Step 2: Measure and mark the holes

After you’ve allowed the paint to dry, measure and mark where you would like the handles of the serving tray to go. To do this, line the drawer pulls evenly on each end, and gently mark with a pencil to indicate where to drill.


Step 3: Drill holes for the handles

Firmly hold down the side of the tray you aren’t drilling, and leverage the other side over the edge of the table. Point the drill directly down on the spot you’ve marked, and begin drilling.


Step 4: Screw the handles into place

You’re almost done! Fasten the handles into place by using screws to secure them. This can be done with a simple Phillip’s head screwdriver. After you’ve done this, your tray should be ready to present! You can additionally paint some designs as a finishing touch.




Now that you’ve learned how to make a serving tray, you can apply the same concept to making a jewelry holder, or coat rack! Thank you USD Habitat for Humanity for teaching us how to make this fun and simple project today! Too lazy to make your own serving tray? Stop by the Mission Valley ReStore, and purchase one of the projects USD made today! All funds go towards supporting their big build.




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